Crowdsourced Neuromarketing

Next Generation Marketing Research

You want your marketing investments to generate a return. So you turn to marketing research firms for decision support. Is their information overload really helping you? How about the ambiguous recommendations based on rationalized respondent survey input? Thanks to Mindspeller’s crowdsourced approach to neuromarketing, you can finally measure the impact of your marketing investments. It’s reliable and cost-effective.

How does Crowdsourced Neuromarketing work?

Mindspeller uses its own network of ERP-EEG validated subconscious semantic associations. Thousands of respondents (the crowd) ‘feed’ our network on a regular basis and provide you with a unique opportunity to monitor your marketing stimuli in the subconscious mind of your (target) customers.
Research has proven that the subconscious associations account for 95% of your (target) customer’s buying decisions. Interested to learn more? Join our Mindspeller Community and find out how we built our network.

Why Crowdsourced Neuromarketing?

We all look for ways to maximize the return on expensive marketing campaigns. Many firms claim to help you by overloading you with data. Often gathered through unreliable respondent survey input. And expensive neuromarketing firms are often out of reach for mid-sized businesses.

Mindspeller offers a straightforward, reliable and affordable solution.
Mindspeller focusses on the monitoring of subconscious associations with your marketing communication stimuli.

When positioning your marketing stimuli, Mindspeller reveals the Semantic Distance to your Aspired Associations. We monitor the impact of your campaigns on the subconscious level and provide recommendations

Four Step Approach to get into your Customer’s Mind

Step 1

Share your marketing communication stimuli (logo, packaging, images from the past or drafts/concepts,…) along with their Aspired Associations. Don’t have your Aspired Associations finetuned yet? Don’t worry, we’ll help you get on the right track.

Step 2

We turn your input into a Mindspeller survey & positioning protocol, ready for crowdsourced neuromarketing. The survey results allow us to position your stimuli in our Mindspeller semantic network so you can visualize the subconscious associations. Baseline measurements don’t have to be linked to the launch of a new campaign. First measurements immediately reveal new insights on the subconscious processing of your stimuli. These insights often lead to incremental, cost-effective adjustments of existing materials.

Step 3

Mindspeller delivers a straightforward report with the results of your stimuli’s subconscious positioning in our semantic network.

You now know exactly what your stimulus stands for in the subconscious mind of your target audience. The subconscious associations it reveals, make your brand unique and determine the appeal of your brand towards your target audience.

Step 4

Results not in line with your Aspired Associations? We formulate underlying assumptions and suggestions for improvement. Often small modifications in existing marketing materials can lead to substantial impact due to our focus on the subconscious processing.

We formulate recommendations for future monitoring and re-assessments of your stimuli’s semantic positioning in our network. We help ensure that your marketing investments really pay off.

How did we build the database?

Based on spontaneous associations of thousands of respondents and their Association Strength, Mindspeller built a unique database with over 1,7 Mio stabilized associations. Our database grows every day and we’re adding new languages on a regular basis.
Since we have validated these associations with ERP EEG, Mindspeller’s database reveals the subconscious associations customers make with your stimuli. Research has indicated that 95% of your (target) customer’s purchase decisions are primarily impacted by those subconscious associations .

Mindspeller is a technology start-up that finds its origin in the department of Neurosciences at KU Leuven.

Mindspeller leverages over 10 years of neuroscientific research to offer solutions to advertisers, market researchers and advertising agencies to improve their marketing strategies and campaigns. Join our Mindspeller Community and experience next generation Crowdsourced Neuromarketing!
Hannes De Wachter
Co-founder & Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Ir. Marc Van Hulle
Founder & CSO
Mathias Verdier
Business developer & account manager
Dave Driesmans
Application development
Pawel Pazderski
Data processing & opnames